Lebanon Follow-up Labour Force Survey January 2022

The Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) in Lebanon partnered with the International Labour Organization (ILO), to implement the follow-up Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2022. The follow-up LFS was conducted by CAS in January 2022 and both financial and technical assistance were provided by the ILO Regional Office for Arab States.


Full report (pdf File) (EN)


Annex Tables:

1.Demography 2022 (Excel File) 

2.Education 2022 (Excel File)

3.Labour force 2022 (Excel File)

4.Health Insurance 2022 (Excel File)

5.Income 2022 (Excel File)

6.Intention to Immigration 2022 (Excel File)


Results Publishing event

Fact Sheet (EN)

Labour Force Survey Lebanon 2022 Slides (Revised) (EN)

General Director Speech (AR)




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