Consumer Price Index Metadata

Consumer Price Index Metadata 2004-2013


Employment: is calculated for working age population (aged 15 years and above) who are currently employed.

Employment to population rate: The employment rate is defined as the percentage of the working age population (aged 15 years and above) who are currently employed.

Household: A household is made up of one or more individuals living in one residence, and sharing food and expenses. It is not necessary for the members of a household to be related.

Population of Lebanon: These are estimated figures for the resident population in Lebanon based on households’ surveys. These figures don’t take into account the Palestinians living within Palestinian camps.

Resident: A person is considered a resident in the following cases:

If a person resides permanently (continuously for a period exceeding six months a year)

If a person does not reside permanently, but resides intermittently – such as regularly spending several days a week outside the residence in a specialized institution, separate room, etc., while spending the rest of the time at the residence

If a person resides permanently at the residence, but is currently absent, i.e.: traveling out of the country for a specific period, studying abroad, etc.

Domestic workers are considered residents, but the data gathered about them was limited to their names, nationalities and information relevant to economic activity

Not Resident:

A person is not considered as resident with the household in the following cases:

A person who left his/her household residence, and moved to live in another residence (i.e. marriage, etc.)

A person staying temporarily at the residence, such as a guest or a relative

A person who traveled abroad and established work there for a period of a year or longer

Unemployment rate: is defined as the percentage of the unemployed (aged 15-64 years) of the active population (aged 15- 64 years), according to the ILO strict definition of unemployment.

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