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Women in Lebanon in figures 2014_Grand Serail (Lecture, ppt)


Status of Women in Lebanon in Figures

Gender Statistics in Lebanon: Current situation and Future needs

The Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) and the World Bank organized a workshop on ‘The Current Situation and Future Needs of Gender Statistics in Lebanon’.

Representatives of Ministries, UN, Public Commissions, NGO’s attended the workshop

Venue and date: The World Bank office in Beirut- Down Town, on Thursday June 17, 2010




1- Assessment of Gender Statistics based on CAS surveys - download

2- Use of Gender Statistics - Education - download

3- Use_of_Gender_Statisics_Economic_Statistics_and_Economic_participation

4- Use of Gender Statistics - Health - download

5- Use of of gender Statistics - Women's Empowerement and Influence - download

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